• HappieWatch Releases New Watch: The Dragon🐲

    HappieWatch Releases New Watch: The Dragon🐲
    Dragon: Everything or Nothing HappieWatch has released the latest in its line of spirits animal-inspired watches: The Dragon.  With The Dragon, HappieWatch has created a work of art to be worn on your wrist. The watch features a full-colored dragon and a dazzling sapphire glass that enhance the hardness and quality.   It also features a hand-polished multi-layered dial with a colorful dragon design...
  • Watch Can Be Different⌚

    Watch Can Be Different⌚
    HappieWatch makes unique, artistic watches that perfectly combine craftsmanship and creativity. Our watch collection features hand-assembled 3D dials with unique designs, sapphire crystal, hand-polished case and premium-grade Japanese quartz movements. 
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